Saturday, December 31, 2011

If You Type Less, You Express More

Although the following video is not necessarily full of great type examples per se, I believe the little type that is used creates much more of an impact than if it did not contain any type at all:

Hero from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.

This blog entry reminds me a lot of a previous block entry involving scenes from the movie, "Stranger Than Fiction". In the opening scene of the movie, the main character completes his daily routine while the narrator counts every step, action and time it takes for the character to complete each task. Without this display of counting, the scenes would not nearly have been as interesting as they were with the type. This same effect enhances this video [of which I found on Tumblr, if you lack one, I strongly suggest you sign up for one].

Nice hand-lettered typography, or carefully set typography sometimes is all you need to express an idea effectively. In other situations, no Type is necessary, just images. And of course other times, only a touch of Type is needed. Less really is, more.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Type Layouts

This site features a collection of creative typography. I especially liked the first image I put in this post. I really enjoy the color palette and how geometric and bold everything is. I, personally, would have included a little less detail; however, I still really appreciate how everything is working together. I also really enjoy the pink poster with the different words. I love how experimental and extreme each one is. They all possess their own character and personality, which is inspiring when I'm creating my own work.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beautiful Wine Identity

Foundry Collective did a rather typographic identity for Urban Wine Works, and here's the results....beautiful!

Visual Analogies Out the Whazoo

This might just blow your mind. Or, you might find it stupid.

Either way it's interesting. It's called Sonotype. The expression of letters and sound. I was really thrown off by the concept at first. It is defined as a series of experimental typefaces that challenges the arbitrary relationship between verbal and visual communication. They use sonogram interpretations- that is a visual representation of speech. It's kind of confusing and bewildering, but the website is fun to play around with. Never drew a relationship between sound and typography like that before!

Cool PDF chart of the pronounced forms and the actual written forms of the alphabet.

Rudi De Wet

One of the founding members of the Am I Collective, a well-respected design and illustration studio. He works primarily on hand done typography. He is from South Africa but now lives and works in Australia.

Hakka Type

Type that reconnects globalization of Chinese settlers with fun ways to modify traditional characters.

Hakka Type is cool!

Studio Garo

Studio Garo is an illustration studio run by Gareth Leyshon. Colorful letterforms and hand-done type illustrations fill Studio Garo's work. Check out some of these letterform illustrations.

Design, GarethLeyshon, lettering
Design, GarethLeyshon, lettering
Design, GarethLeyshon, lettering

Design, GarethLeyshon, lettering
Design, GarethLeyshon, lettering

Design, GarethLeyshon, lettering


This is a post to my pinteresting lettering board. This is all stuff that I have been using as reference and inspiration and have collected in my "board" on

If you don't have a Pinterest account. GET ONE.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Rather Difficult Font Game

So anyone who is looking for a little training on their eye for typefaces, should check out this little game online. It's extremely difficult because the typefaces are shown using characters we don't consider that often.

It's helped me learn a couple of new typefaces, and also showed me a bunch I don't know yet.

Play the game Here.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

n9ve, animated Typography

nv9e is an Italian based graphic design studio headed by Alessandro Novelli where they specialize in motion graphics. What's great about their studio is that they post behind the scenes and work in process screens. They also delve into photography, animation, and film. You can access their tumblr here or you can visit their website here. Below is their second attempt to animate typography called Alphabet 2. The video is filmed in a stop motion in the series called Alphabet.

The Alphabet 2 from n9ve on Vimeo.