Friday, January 28, 2011

Why God Hates Ham

So this post is a typographic video of moving type, and clever little manipulations, based on the audio recorded of famous secular writer Christopher Hitchens, who is actually reading a passage from one of his latest books, "God Is Not Great". The whole skit is based on Hitchens' explanation on the historical aspects of how religions came to hate ham.
Throughout the skit there are little type treatments that switches lettering, uses images in place of words in specific instances, and treats keywords in different ways to convey a point. I believe the actual creator of the video is the user who uploaded it, bergcrantz. Most of the type, with a few exceptions, is Helvetica. The only downside is that it is a long video, and if you're not interested, may get boring, but the type is interesting, and the little treatments one can catch makes it worth it.

To see the video, you might want to click here.

Thanks guys, hope you enjoy, Victoria.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

House vid and photolettering

Photo Lettering INC
I got the chance to visit House Industries this past winter break after corresponding with Ken Barber, lead type designer and Tyler alumn, for my Magazine project which I did on his work.Needless to say the visit was awesome! here is a link to a video they recently posted showing their previous work if you are not familiar with House Ind.
Photo Lettering INC
A huge inspiration for Ken and the the guys at House was an old book called Photo lettering. Photo Lettering Inc (PLINC) was a photo lettering business that was responsible for designing thousands of fonts in its time. It was ultimately beaten out by the computer and thus a majority of their fonts were forgotten. House is currently building a website based on that business in which you set out the type online and only pay a small fee for just those words like you would have done during the hay-day of photo lettering. Be on the look out for it soon because I was told they were putting on the finishing touches.

P.S. here is a funny video with the man who founded PLINC

Type from Pages

So I have always found it to be beautiful when great typography can be taken out of its element of printed media, and can be presented in extraordinary ways. Isaac Salazar has created this great series of folded pages in books to create some marvelous examples of 3 dimensional type. Enjoy!