Thursday, January 27, 2011

House vid and photolettering

Photo Lettering INC
I got the chance to visit House Industries this past winter break after corresponding with Ken Barber, lead type designer and Tyler alumn, for my Magazine project which I did on his work.Needless to say the visit was awesome! here is a link to a video they recently posted showing their previous work if you are not familiar with House Ind.
Photo Lettering INC
A huge inspiration for Ken and the the guys at House was an old book called Photo lettering. Photo Lettering Inc (PLINC) was a photo lettering business that was responsible for designing thousands of fonts in its time. It was ultimately beaten out by the computer and thus a majority of their fonts were forgotten. House is currently building a website based on that business in which you set out the type online and only pay a small fee for just those words like you would have done during the hay-day of photo lettering. Be on the look out for it soon because I was told they were putting on the finishing touches.

P.S. here is a funny video with the man who founded PLINC

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