Friday, April 8, 2011

Sustainable Design Using Type

Lee Jeans wanted to design a bag that focuses on being eco-friendly to show their awareness of the environment. This new bag design is not just a bag-- it's a calendar, game board pieces, glasses, checkers, a do not disturb sign, a dice, and so much more.  Lee only expected to produce 3,000 of these bags, but due to unexpected interest from patrons, Lee produced 100 times more bags than planned.

Click here to see all the uses of the bag! 

I also found this book, Tree of Codes, by Jonathan Safran Foer, an American writer.  This book was made by taking another book, The Street of Crocodiles, which was his favorite book, and di-cutting certain words out to form a whole new story. Everyone, including the printers, said the book would be impossible to make, with di-cuts on every page.  The designer of the book, Sara De Bondt, eventually found Belgian Printers, who could finally made the impossible possible

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