Friday, November 11, 2011

Jon Contino & Friendly Type

I'm sure most of you have seen the Friends of Type website, but I feel this is a great resource to look through when creating type solutions. They have such a wide variety of different styles, and many designers/typographers are represented. The range of work is pretty endless, and each entry is completely different from the next. The images below represent only a small sample of what you can find on this site. One of my favorite features is the links to the individual designer's portfolios; this is a great way to learn about new artists and their contributions to the design field. You can find the website here:

I am also really drawn to the roughness and overall texture of hand-letterer and illustrator Jon Contino. Among his inspirations are mass media and the street art of his native New York, both of which are apparent in his work. His designs have an authentic appeal that contain qualities of minimalism but remain true to his NY roots. I feel he has a nice sensibility to form and line quality within his work. The rest of his portfolio can be found here:

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