Friday, January 27, 2012

Oldschool Calligraphy

Today most people use fonts in their design, or draw their own. However, the classic art of calligraphy has pretty much died out. Typographers tend to opt for the mouse, pen, or pencil over the fountain-nib pens that provide a distinct calligraphic uniqueness. The website I found shows tips on how to recover the lost art of calligraphy and how to make really interesting type with the various available pen-nibs.
Guide to Hand Drawing Typography

For starters, selecting a pen-nib is crucial when doing calligraphy. Each pen nib creates a different effect and can come in a variety of sizes.

Knowing which way to hold the pen and what way to move the pen also is important. The image below shows a diagram of how to move your pen.

The images on the page also show all the different kinds of typefaces that you can create with a pen., including ornaments and detailing.

I really love drawing typography, and I wanted to get more into drawing type. Hopefully this will help all you guys try out and experiment with different techniques as well!

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