Friday, February 25, 2011

Effektive Design

This here is a piece created by Effektive Design's Greig Anderson, which made
Behance’s Top 10 Typographic Works of 2008. It is Greig Anderson's self promotional piece, which he created to find work while on a work visa in Australia. Behance has praised it, saying, "The living proof that the best work comes out when there’s no clients involved in the process. This two color piece is a challenge to flow of information and small demonstrat[ions] that small budgets can go a long way. For the obsessive typography lovers there’s nothing better than a piece that speaks through type."

Effective design has been a fully functional and active firm which has won a decent amount of awards in the six years that is has been active. They specialize in identity & brand development, print design & production, art direction and digital design.

What really caught my eye about this piece was it's strong, yet extremely flexible, grid. He prioritizes his order of things in the pages which open in different ways, overlaps bold font and imagery, sticks to just a few effective type faces, keeps a simple color scheme, and throws in the occasional visual quote bubble graphics. There is some really smart design going on here.

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