Friday, April 6, 2012


Lately, I've become very interested in 3-D animated type. I love the look and feel of these wonderful videos, they take me to a whole new place. It is very refreshing, to me, to see videos like these because they aren't the traditional type on a page; but rather type in time and space etc. I find 3-D work very interesting because it is nice to take type away from it's traditional 2-D form (on paper anyway) and treating it as an object. In a way, I feel 3-D motion graphics treat type as an object just like the letterpress did. Anyway, here are some videos I find really awesome!

Like Minded Studio - AMP POSSIBILITIES
aesthetictherapie - PLSTK Free Font
Nicolas Lichtle - ANODINE (free AE animated typeface)


After searching Behance for all these videos, I also found a designer who uses awesome 3D type in his work, Dimtry Rockstar. I believe he does Motion Graphics, however, I can not find any videos of his work, below are stills.  Visit his Behance portfolio here:

I would really love to do some Motion Graphics like these someday. I hope this inspired you!

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