Thursday, April 5, 2012

I came across a really cool website called Packaging of the World. I'm excited to take senior packaging next semester and found this website when looking for inspiration. You can select the type of packaging you want to see (beverages, books, etc) and you can view decently large images of the design for each one. Some of the packaging has interesting functionality when opening and closing them, as well as great type solutions to fit the shape.

Another cool thing about the website: you can scroll to the bottom of the main page and select which region of the world you would like to view packaging from. It's a really interesting website and great for inspiration!

I have selected a few designs from the website that show nice type solutions:

These designs are really great. The type, the shapes, and the colors go together well. I love how sophisticated and elegant the type is in each of these packages. It really inspires me to make great type!!!

On a completely different note, I wanted to share a little video. It's the business card scene from the movie, American Psycho. Watch it on youtube! 

- Michelle

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