Thursday, February 28, 2013

A L L  G R O W N  U P 
A  new  look  at  the animal  alphabe



As designers we can all relate the visual language. Many can agree that we have been speaking that language for as long as we can remember. One of my earliest memories of being excited about design was the animal alphabet. Maybe some of you have forgotten how incredible it was seeing animals in the shape of letter forms! I wanted to take us all for a stroll down our own personal typographic histories. Part of being a designer is keeping our minds young and elastic. As serious as we take ourselves sometimes, we have to remember that not-so-deep down we remain those little kids EXCITED about seeing animals in the forms of letters. Nonetheless we are older now and I wanted to show grown-up typographic animals to inspire us to remember that in design anything can be — anything. Hope you are inspired!

This first collection is the majority of the alphabet illustrated by Casey Girard. She is a freelance designer from Massachusetts. She primarily focuses on illustration and her animal alphabet is by far her most famous collection of work. Here she molds every letter into the form of the animal or animals that start with the letterform. They are beautifully done in colored pencil and watercolor and feel very realistic. 

The second collection is by designer Dan Fleming from Melbourne Australia. Fleming illustrates each animal using type. Instate of the animal making the letter form, Fleming spells out each animal while illustrating the animal at the same time. I enjoyed his simple, yet smart decisions in creating these fun creatures!

Lastly, this poster done by the Nutmegaroo Design Studio integrates both image and type. Some letterforms are more animalistic than others, but mostly every letter shows part of the original letter and partly illustrated.

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