Friday, February 15, 2013

So You Want to Design a Typeface?

Type @ Cooper @ Titlecase from Matthew Wyne on Vimeo.

Matthew Wyne is a designer from San Francisco who decided to have a go at designing his first typeface at Cooper Union's rigorous type program in NYC. Although some typefaces have taken years to design and perfect (or lifetimes, considering some pre-computer type designers) Matt chose to design a typeface in just 6 weeks in Cooper's accelerated type design program.

This video is an in-depth look at the tedious but educating and rewarding process of diving into what it takes to design a typeface that's built for text size, not just display size. To quote Matt, "Everyone can design a display face, if you can design a typeface that can be set at 9pts for 250pgs, you know what your doing."

I personally learned a bunch just from watching this speech, although it's not a lecture by any means. Things like considering white space and black space of a form feel equal by optimizing letter spacing and adjusting stoke widths in letters like "O" in order to make them feel balanced and equally distributed.

Did you know that NYC has free libraries that host amazing type resources and original typeface specimens? I did not. Some highlighted libraries from Matt's speech are:


Type design is alive and well today. More and more boutique foundries pop up each day with professionally designed and well considered font families. Many designer's are exploring their own typefaces and distributing and selling them on reputable font distributors such as A good place to start reading about these creators, their font families and the though process behind the typeface is through MyFonts Rising Stars monthly Email.

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