Friday, April 5, 2013

3D Type / Type as object

Sam Chirnside

Andreas Neophytou

Rizon Parein

Marcelo Schultz


Marina Rosso

Alphabet with Tools (1977), by Mervyn Kurlansky, takes everyday objects found in homes and workshops and transforms them into the letters of the Western alphabet.

Sometimes as designers we think very flat, very 2 dimensional. There is another plane that we forget to consider when were in the computer look at a flat background. Some consider it slick, or too flashy, but there are times when 3D type can be very exciting and tastefully done. Weather it's mastering shadow and highlight in photoshop and illustrator or learning a 3D program that aids in realistic dimensional qualities, 3D type can become the living content of a piece. There's alot of retro, flat, hand illustrative design floating around, but sometimes it's all too predictable. Adding dimension, when appropriate, can give new feeling and depth to design.
And not just super-slick computer generated looking design occupies this realm. People are drawing and physically making these dimensional type pieces too. The found object and photographed scenarios are nice touches in the dimensional type realm too.

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