Thursday, April 25, 2013

— the Art of —


Classical painting and typography. Two visual titans we seldom think to exist on the same plain. These walls are broken down by the striking art of Wayne White. White graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and is a successful artist, illustrator, and art director. Generally when we see a nice classical American painting of a covered bridge in autumn, or a old barn out on the prairie we think of just that. What Wayne White's art does is disturb that clear image in our minds. This disturbance is through his bold use of typography in which he contrasts with his charmingly dated painting style.

The incredible contrast between White's modern typographic creations and his landscape paintings appear to be done by two separate artist. Ina n age where it is hard to tell what is Photoshopped and what is real, there is something special seeing typography hand painted over and within landscapes of all kinds. His art is especially striking when a beautifully rendered countryside has FAN FUCKINTASTIC in rainbow colors with shadows of trees shielding the phrase on the forest floor. Also, this video I came across this video which reminded me of how this artist uses space, landscape, and Type. Enjoy the boldly contrasting world of Wayne White! 


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