Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Back in Five Minutes" A Typography Exhibition

Something interesting I came across while searching for inspiration was an article about an exhibition dedicated to the art of typography called “Back in Five Minutes”. The exhibition highlighted the work of 5 talented local designers and illustrators. This exhibition took place in cape town, at a gallery called salon91 and opened exactly 1 year ago in February of 2013.

back in five logo web image

The typography in this exhibition is beautiful, most of the artists are both designers and illustrators so the typography is bold, illustrative and very visually engaging. 

Ben Johnston 

(laser engravings on wood, the first one is laser engraved and also hand painted)

(laser cut wood/ handpainted)

(digital print on cotton paper)

Clement de Bruin

       ("broke is the new rich" to the left is a silkscreen and to the right is laser cut perspex)

      clement-de-bruin_quit-slackin_laser-engraved-mda_480x480mm_webclement de bruin_wander_laser cut perspex_430x430mm_web
("quit slackin and make shit happen" - its difficult to read I could only make out some words without finding out what it says but I like the abstract forms the letters make)

Clint Campbell  

clinton-campbell_ampersand_archival-print_530mm-diameter_ed3_web (digital print metallic vinyl on glass)

Dani Loureiro

 (archival print on water color paper) 

(pen and ink) (laser cut wood and perspex)

Justin Southey

 (mixed media sculpture)


(prints showing mix of illustration and image with type )

There is such a strong quality to these designer's work that's really inspirational to me. I love hand done type and illustration, and mixing the two together cohesively can turn out to be really beautiful. Also these designers aren't just limited to one way of working, they are very hands on, and use a variety of materials to execute their vision. Some are just prints, but the choice of surface they choose to print on  adds to their design giving them texture. Other approaches are completely 3d and sculptural while some are made from perspex (transparent plastic / acrylic). Southey says that he strived " create pieces which were sophisticated, yet playful. I drew strongly from the local narrative, and allowed my pieces to act as voices of the city.” And I think he did just that as all these designers did. 

The Salon91 website containing artist works and other info:

Some articles about the exhibition: Cape Town Magazine

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