Thursday, February 20, 2014

Now you see it. Now you don't.

Unlike "finer arts" such as painting and sculpture, graphic design was created with the intent of a short life expectancy. Historically, it was never meant to be collected and coddled. It was meant to send a message and that was it.

This practical and ephemeral nature of graphic design has always intrigued me. As Kelly mentioned the other day, and many designers learn, our work is not precious. Even though we bleed for it, we stress over it, we miss those hot dates and killer concerts for it...we have to learn to let it go. 

Throughout many diciplines, a lot of artists and designers are drawn to this idea of ephemery. For them, it can reflect the fleeting nature of life and our moments of joy and sadness. There can be beauty and emphasis created by something that lasts only a short while. 

Here are a few examples where the designers have used ephemeral typography to explore these ideas of fleeting moments. 

One Day Poem Pavilion

Evaporating Letters

Good Design is Long Lasting

Found objects and 48 hours later

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