Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Inspiring typographic package design

Typography can be a curtail component of packaging design because it's essentially disseminates the information. Products have various information with little details and nuances that need to be displayed on the packaging in a legible manner to enable consumers to read and understand the information they`re looking at. 

In addition to conveying information, typography can be used for marketing purposes. Often most appealing products are not those that are the most functional and practical, but the ones whose packaging attracts the buyer the most. 

Typography alone can be used in this sense, by bringing aesthetically pleasant characteristics to any packaging design. Sometimes a typeface is so excellent, there is no need to embellish it with graphic treatments. Only a slight, unexpected alteration is enough to send home a desired feel for the product. 

Here are some inspiring examples of packaging design that heavily rely on typography.

Brie Bistro by ID Kommunikation

Adams & Harlow by Designers Anonymous

Hand-Drawn Text by The Manual Co.

Peter Wetzer Wines by Laszlo Mihaly Naske

Alice Pattullo Packaging

Brooklyn Fare Packaging by Steven Jockisch

Nagging Doubt Wine by Brand Ever (Illustrated by Dana Tanamachi)

Princess Bride Custom Wine by Helms Workshop

Sepp Moser Wine by Hans Renzler

Artisan Wine by Public Creative

BFrank Wine by TACN Studio

Sandro Desii by Lociento Studio

Christmas Absinthe by Stranger & Stranger

Reishunger by Funny Paper

Slingshot Coffee by Good South

Panettone and Pandoro from Milan by Panettoni G. Cova & C

Williams-Sonoma's Thanksgiving Food Assortment by Cult Partners


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