Thursday, January 22, 2015

Typography-Inspired Instagram Feeds

As technology becomes more and more prominent in our lives, designers are finding more ways to showcase their art digitally. Many typographers have started creating Instagram accounts and have begun posting their work on this booming social media site. Being one of many smartphone users, I often look up things on my iPhone for inspiration. So when I discovered that typographers are using Instagram as a new form of digital expression I quickly jumped on board and began researching the most popular and interesting accounts. 

1. Typography Inspired

With over 100,000 followers, this popular Instagram account is filled with inspiring typography. What I really enjoyed about this account is the fact that it is a collection of many artists work. The site is overloaded with a plethora of uniquely illustrated fonts for everyone to enjoy. There is a wide range of work stemming from pen drawings on napkins to fully illustrated pieces. What’s even better is to submit work to this account, all you have to do is upload an image to Instagram using #typographyinspired. 

2.  Jackson Alves

Jackson Alves is a letterer, calligrapher, and teacher from Brazil. His Instagram account is filled with beautiful calligraphy as well as amazing videos that show exactly how he created his masterpieces. His work is unique and inspiring, especially for the aspiring calligrapher. Jacksons latest project is a calligraphy collaboration with Tiffany & Co., which he has been showing off on his Instagram! 

3. Goodtype

Goodtype is a trending Instagram account that features the world of a wide variety of typographers. The creators started this site in 2013 and now they have over 100,000 loyal followers. Goodtype not only features some gorgeous letterforms, but it also includes products that are covered in beautiful typography. This community of artists and admirers is currently creating a book based on work that was submitted to the site. You can submit work for the Goodtype Book on their website. 

4. Mike Perry 

Mike Perry is an artist that works in a variety of media including books, magazines, newspapers and films. Besides being the amazing typographer who created the title card for the popular show Broad City, he also has an Instagram account that features a multitude of his work. His color palettes on the account are all bright and fun and his hand drawn art is quite inspiring. Mike’s Instagram features not only his work, but work that inspires him as well. Make sure to check him out! 

5. Jessica Hische 

Jessica is a young illustrator, letterer, and type designer who went to Tyler School of Arts not so long ago! She is very widely known for the website, “The Daily Drop Cap” and her Instagram is simply an extension of her inspiring work. I really appreciate how although her Instagram has tons of beautifully illustrated type, it also has many pictures of her cat as well as her life. Her Instagram is a perfect balance of design and her everyday life.

6. Spencer Charles

Spencer is a typographer and letterer who is now living in Brooklyn, New York. His Instagram is filled with beautifully rendered typography as well as many interesting patterns. Spencer posts many beautiful letterforms as well as many videos of inspiring product design. Check out his Instagram account!    

7. Louise Fili

Louise works in New York at her own graphic design firm. She specializes in food packaging, restaurant identities, logos, and book design. Her Instagram is an extension of her work and features logos and design that inspire her. Many of her posts feature European restaurant design. Louise posts many images of restaurant names, all of which are very inspiring!

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