Thursday, January 22, 2015


Black and White images with bold type recently has been the trend with surf magazines. The type is bold and stands out against the photo that is exaggerated in the light and darks. This magazine in particular is heavily relying on aesthetics rather than "clever" typography that uses tricks.
As can seen below this surf magazine went through rebranding for the better. The image is more captivating on the right than the left because it makes the viewer hone into the surfer and creates depth. The image on the right on the other hand seems like it was taken by an amateur photographer who was lucky enough to capture a mildly interesting moment. Type treatment on the right is 
cleaner and echoes the image it's self with similar color to the image. The restraint in over designing and the clear direction in design is what sets these two magazine covers apart.
Incan is a type of seal that is used for official documents in Japan. A guy from Germany decided to completely redesign this ancient Japanese ornamental font into latin fonts with the appearance of Japanese fonts.  
The bottom book includes 24 different fonts. The lettering is a much more modern approach and uses strong vertical and horizontal lines. The cover below says the word "NIHON" which means Japan in Japanese. 

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