Friday, January 29, 2016

The Importance of Kerning

The Importance of Kerning/ Kerning Fails

The word "kern" came from the word "carne," which is French meaning "projecting angle." This word came from the Latin "cardo," meaning hinge. When the main source of typography was metal, a part of a sort (the metal letter), would hang off the edge when two letters needed to overlap, and this was called a kern. The word kerning, in reference to the spacing between two letters, wasn't developed until digital typography.


Originally supposed to say "Bull Titan US."

The importance of kerning is paramount in making sure the message you are trying to get across actually gets across to the reader. These images show exactly how bad kerning can be disastrous.

final registration

This was supposed to read as Final Registration... not Anal Registration.


Just a CLICK*** away.

fuckering lights

10 Flickering Lights.


Kids Exchange


"The Wig & Pen Is Open For Business"

Remember the huge importance of kerning in your work. Here are some tips:
  • The goal is to balance the amount of white space between letters
  • Some letters to watch out for are: VATWY
  • Try kerning letters upside down.
  • Kern only after you have chosen your font.

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