Thursday, November 4, 2010

I choose this piece for a number of reasons. First being, I felt it was a good demonstration of hierarchy. I like how each one of the numbers is done in the type face its numbering. It's subtle but effective, also it's not too much of a change leaving the piece still looking very well put together. Also if you take a look at his website (mike giesser) , in his intro he talks about keeping it simple. this just reminded me of all the times Alice has said that she could design with only 5 type faces for the rest of her life. I;m learning more and more how true this is.

Mostly I choose this because it made me laugh.Normally I hate this faux art nouveau font, but ever font has it's day and I think it works great here. This piece was done by Andrej Krahne. He's a german designer which also makes me a little sad because I can't read alot of his work. However his website is in english . He's done some great books that you should check out. His work is very clean. It's simplistic, but not minimalistic. He loves sans-serif.

Helvetica Swiss Army Knife. Couldn't find any more information on it. But it's pretty. The end.

I'm working on a catalog for Bicycles right now so this caught my attention. These were done by a designer French Designer, Juri Zaech. He wants to actually build these bicycles which I think is very cool and he would definitely be featured in my catalog. you can check him out at . I don't really know his deal right now. His website says that he's an art director. His website has alot of information missing. Who knows.

This piece is done by designer Adam Augustyn. I choose this because his work is nice, but it's trendy and has become generic. However his website looks realy nice.

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