Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who doesn't love typography and posters?

Talking about gig posters last week reminded me of Kevin Mercer's work. I found about him after meeting him and picking up one of his prints at R5's Punk Rock Flea Market (part hipster flea market, park local art/craft show). He's a freelance designer based in Oaklyn New Jersey and goes by Largemammal online. He does all kinds of design work but mostly makes screen printed gig posters that feature some pretty cool typography. He uses all kinds of type, making his own hand lettering, using existing fonts or manipulating them to fit his project. He has a lot of great posters on his site, these are two of my favorites. I really like how much variety he has with his type and how he makes it relate back to his illustrations.

I also found a series of posters by Tom Davie while browsing on Design Work Life. He studied at SAIC and now has his own studio, studio twentysix2, in Cincinnati, Ohio. I couldn't find out much about the actual project, but he has a pretty great series of posters illustrating different typographic concepts and terms. There's really nice looking and bold images of what different parts of type are and what they do or look like. I just really love the way they look, the photographic ones especially, and think it's a pretty good looking way to familiarize yourself with type.

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