Friday, March 2, 2012

The Dynamic Art of Kinetic Typography

Thanks to the modern age, typography has become something less fixed and stationary and more of something to play with. No longer to words have to just sit on a page or be compressed into tight blocks to run through printing presses. One YouTUBE search for kinetic typography shows the inspiring and beautiful word of moving, dancing, spinning type.

Much of the kinetic type serves as a complement to some great speeches, making the the content of the words almost as visible as images. One of the design teachers, Scott, has even made an app out of the tale of the Jabberwocky with interactive type. I don't think he released it yet, so go pester him to look at it because it's really interesting. You can touch, tickle, and manipulate the type while you read, and he uses some pretty outrageous fonts from free font websites.

I really enjoyed this next one, but it's kind of long. The interesting part with this one is that the words in the end show to have formed a word.

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