Friday, March 2, 2012

Hatch Show Print

I really love typographic posters, and sometimes for inspiration I like to check out Hatch Show Print, which is "one of the oldest working letterpress print ships in America." Their style is mostly the sort of style you might see on old cowboy posters or posters from the south, and the create a lot of imagery for country music performers. However, they also make some really beautiful posters for other clients.
Hatch Show Print

They're located in Nashville, Tennessee, so a lot of times when bands come to the Nashville area, they get specially design Hatch Show Print posters just for that show.

Because Hatch Show Print is a letterpress, people can design their own posters and have Hatch Show Print print them out, giving them that instantly vintage old western rugged American look. It's actually really suprising sometimes how the style fits outside of the context of western themes.

Casey Cannon

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