Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Innovative furnitures and architectures typographical design

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible.  Many designers in the area of art and design are using this technique to communicate a specific message to the viewer.  The most common form of typographic art is used for logo designs, but if you think outside of the box you may notice that typography is all around us.  From architecture, to famous music covers, and even fabrics used for interior design purposes typography is being used more frequently.  The way typography has made a presence on how we market businesses and products is truly a creative use in design.

 1. Wales Millennium Center, located in Cardiff Wells.
2. House of Terror, located in Budapest, Hungary.

This innovative bookshelf is one of the few furniture pieces in the home or office that has a special meaning for the owner. Exceptional and exclusive, this typographical bookshelf is the synonym of creativity. Without sacrificing interior space, you can create a wonderful decoration with your most favorite books. It is exceptional because of its typographical design.

Of course an innovative bookshelf has to capture the attention. The designer Matt innes came up with the idea of this wonderful piece of art but it was brought to life when he and Saori Kajiwara joint forces. Because of its clean design and universal look this bookshelf is appropriate for any type of interior. It is perfect for the living room or the hall, and it can suit the bedroom just as well.

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