Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yummy Typography

So I was a little hungry and decided to look at typography that’s literally…. edible. AT first I found a lot of interesting and really cool typographic pieces that were made of things like sugar, salt, flour etc. Like this:


This piece is absolutely beautiful to me, it is an actual postcard from the artist, in which he first sketched the type and then vectored it and cut out vinyl. He says "and really enjoyed the process of sketching and vectorising the type, then cutting it out of vinyl and masking the flour on the cutting board." 


food-typography1 food-typography4

This is another example of type that's made of up dusted flour. This piece actual comes from a book called "Type Delight" which is a recipe book with hand done typography made out of food. The book was made by Nina Harcus who is a photographer and typographer herself.

food-typography2 food-typography3

 I also found a whole blog dedicated to typography made of food (which is fairly new, but has alot of great posts on it). Some of the work is just absolutely beautiful.
Crafted. Roasted barley and hops. We were invited by Landor to lend our skills to a branding project for the 2014 AAF CincinAddys, highlighting the makers and crafters of Cinci. Check out the beautiful video teaser and additional iterations at their website. Brewtiful. 

(This piece was made of  roasted barley and hops. The typographers who created this piece were invited by Landor to help in a branding  project for the 2014 AAF CincinAddys.)

(made of crumbled short bread)

November. Mashed Potatoes. Giving thanks and giving back.
I’ve just released this piece as a free wallpaper for iphones and desktops- get it here.

October. A cinnamony blast of autumn for Portfolio Creative’s quarterly creative calendar. 
I’ve just released this piece as a free wallpaper for iphones and desktops- get it here.Typeaholic, a chocolately experience. Dark Chocolate.

November was made of mashed potatoes, October of cinnamon, and Type a holic out of dark chocolate. 

These next images were made by Anna Garforth, who made these out of cookies. She is a London based artist who works alot with everyday materials to design and create images; these are designs she made by baking.

 Edible Poster Edible Poster Edible Poster

Feast Feast 

 Typography Cakes!

I love culinary art and especially when it involves cake. These are some cakes with a typographic approach different than the average store bought cake with "happy birthday" written in frosting...

typography cake 

Looks like these letter were cut from fondant and placed on the cake. 

hearts cake

I really loved this little cake because of the type on the hearts. I was wondering how exactly they would make this and it can be found HERE .
But briefly, she basically rolled out fondant , and with a stamp , she stamped the text on and the cut the hearts out.

Source Source photo 2864283-3Source Source photo 2864283-2

 Some interesting typographic wedding cakes. 


This cake has letter with in created with fondant letters places inside the cake batter and then baked. 
Which can be found Here

I really loved to see how typography can literally be every where we look and its not always what we are used to seeing. 

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