Friday, March 21, 2014

Type with the Body

So last class we were talking about typography being painted on the body. Since type has an anatomy of its own I find it interesting when it develops a relationship to the body.

To leave off where we were last class here are some more examples of Stephan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh's typography on the body with the Aizone project:

This then leads me into tattoos. I find typographic tattoos very interesting because the section of your body where you choose to put the type is important. It almost changes the way you read it. Also since the human body is not a flat surface the type tends to warp a bit which makes it feel more organic. There is a book called "BODY TYPE: Intimate Messages Etched into the Flesh". This book has great examples of typographic tattoos.

 There are also some other cool ways that type has been addressed to the body in other forms of mody modification.

Now to what I find a little more interesting is the body form creating the type its self. Here are a few examples of letter forms:

This last poster is created by a pretty awesome design company called I Love Dust. Check out there stuff at I Love Dust

and with just hands....

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