Thursday, March 19, 2015

Permanent Type


We see type everywhere in todays world. On bill boards, clothing, magazines, and the human body. Tattooing is more popular than ever, And people are getting written on every day. Tattooing takes the hand done letter to the extreme. Of course a tattoo artist can tattoo any style font he or she would like, however there are very famous fonts, known through out the tattoo community, One example is called traditional.

This is a classic tattoo font that has become extremely popular because of its origin.
to the point you can download the font and similar looks for that tattoo feel. The font was originated by Sailor Jerry a retired naval sailor.

Anagrams A designed word or words that are able to read from upright to upside down. Most anagrams are done with a heavy calligraphy influence.

Tattooing has also aided in the come back of blackletter.

Most Popular today is variations of Script fonts. Some decorative an ornamental,
 some extremely simple.

We find these styles and fonts making their way into the design community in articles, signs, clothing and posters.

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