Thursday, March 26, 2015

CGI Typography

Chris Labrooy

Illustrator and typographer Chris Labrooy shows that you can seamlessly combine the art of illustration and typography to create a beautiful, informative image. Most of his design is freelance work for companies for posters and advertisements. 3D typography is really smart to bring into advertisements because those are two things that people are used to seeing, but really appreciate them when they are shown together. 
The way that Labrooy incorporates type into the objects he has been supplied with is smart. It is incredible that he has created these images in cgi so intricately. 


Land of the Free

London Transport



Danish Health Department

David McLeod

David McLeod is also a cgi illustrator. I was first drawn to his work when I saw the more photographic like the  images that he did for MasterCard about vacation, but then I really fell in love when I saw his amfursand. 

MasterCard Vacation Image


Find Your Anchor

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover


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