Thursday, April 2, 2015


Two Graphic designers and photographers from France who create music videos and commercials strongly driven by typography.

Andreas Scheiger

Inspired by the book, “The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering” (1918) by type designer Frederic W. Goudy, Scheiger set out to represent letters as living creatures. While working on this project he viewed letters as organisms and typefaces as species. He begins with the birth of letters, depicting the womb and lowercase letters “nursing” from capital letters. He displays them in specimen tanks and nails them to wooden cases, each classified in Latin, similar to biological taxonomy. He even dissects them and places them in surgical operation settings.

The letterforms are made of wood and spray painted back and then pieces are shaved off or whole sections are cut away. Polymer clay is then sculpted on top and painted with acrylic and clear varnish. The embryos are sculpted with polymer clay as well but colored and coated in resin. For the fossils, he used gypsum, chicken bones and stones.

Lowercase "a" nursing from Capital "A"

Pregnant "B"

"C" inside eggs

Embryos in Specimen Tanks



Surgical Setting


"Biological Taxonomy" Display

Medical Illustrations

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