Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Italian Futurists

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"The Italian Futurists hoped to change the world, and were improbably successful in hind-sight. But they have never had a proper show in the America. The Guggenheim in New York has set out to change that."
-The Economist

Futurism: speed, youth, technology, industrial city. They practiced in every medium of art. Avant-garde movement | Milan 1909. Admired violence and very patriotic.

Bruno Munari strongly believed in the principle of public access to the means of visual communication. He believed anyone could produce objects of aesthetic value, given the proper technological advantages. His artistic ambition was influenced by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti whom he met in Milan in the 20's. 

Notable Italian Futurists: franco grignani, giacomo balla, umberto boccioni, fortunato depero, and filippo tommaso marinetti

The link to pinterest highlights typographic examples of the movement!

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Bruno Munari

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