Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Typography made from Everyday Objects

A popular type of experimentation among typographers is the creation of letter forms using everyday objects. The idea behind this falls into the category of Constructivism, in which artists were more interested in materials than the actual composition. Artists can either manipulate real objects and photograph them or use CGI software.

"The Sculpted Alphabet" by FOREAL

FOREAL, a German design studio decided to use new sculpting software to create the whole alphabet and achieve some completely new ways how type can be built and seen. 

The result is a series of life-like (slightly gross in some cases) letter forms made from a collection of objects never expected to be seen as typography.

To see the whole alphabet, click here.

"Grillography" by Anti (2014)

To celebrate summer and BBQ season, Norwegian design firm Anti carved and grilled meat, fish, fruits and veggies and turned them into a fully editable and edible typeface.

This typeface was created as a advertisement for a smaller grocery store during the competitive grill season.

See the video of the carving, grilling and photography process here.

"Egg Font" by Handmade Font (2013)

Made with 1000 eggs, 10 pans and 1 bottle of oil, the "Eggs font" took 3 hours to complete and caused 5 burned fingers, and consists of perfectly done sunny-side-ups.

See the whole typeface here.

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