Thursday, September 24, 2015

Type Can Only Be 2D? I SAY YOU'RE WRONG

Anamorphic type is basically this - 3D typography created using only 2D methods.   Kinda hard to picture right? Here’s an example:

Of course this is an interesting technique to execute any typographic work just because it is so innovative and different from usual 2D prints, but that is not why it caught my eye.  Anamorphic type can be used to reinforce the message the type is trying to communicate by the way a viewer is forced to interact with it.  Moving towards, away, or around the piece in a gallery completely changes the composition of the project, making it completely illegible most of the time.  Unless you are standing in the perfect position you are not going to get what all the fuss is about.  THAT’S why it is so fascinating, especially when it conveys messages like this one, by Thomas Quinn.

Joseph Eagen and Hunter Thomas

Here’s how anamorphic type artist Lex Wilson ( was inspired to try such a strange approach to his typeography,:

"I loved Escher when I was a kid, especially his 'Waterval' and 'Ascending and Descending' pieces," he explains. "I had some cool optical illusion books and I was fascinated with the idea that you can't always trust what your eyes are telling you. Felice Varini's work is completely mind-blowing to me - he's a major inspiration.  I guess my 3D typography work is a reverse of that - representing something 3D in 2 dimensions. So, that's kind of like drawing something 3D in 2D, then representing that in 3D across different surface-planes."

Check out Thomas Quinn's website especially…loaded with thought provoking pieces!

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