Monday, September 21, 2015

Typography Paper craft

Typography paper craft is the use of paper to created a new style with font/type. Many designers have explored different solutions of fonts/type to mainly create a three dimensional effect or illustration. This process brings a new perspective that is not only new but interactive with the viewers. For example, pop up cards contains three-dimensional paper cut of either illustration and letterform that are appealing to the viewers. 

The mixture of typography and paper allows the designers to play, manipulate and build type/fonts using traditional medium. The link video is an example of designers using paper to create a front page website design for their client's agency. 

The use of Typography paper craft can also be knowledge to understand three dimensional in computer as well. I will be introducing different designers that discover their own unique style in Typography Paper craft. 

Yulia Brodskaya: Paper Quilling (

Yulia Brodskaya is a paper artist and illustrator who is known for her beautiful artworks that uses paper in an elegant matter. For her artworks, she uses two simple materials, paper and glue. Next, she carefully arranging different cut and strips of paper in a certain manner. In addition, the use of colors is vibrant and bright that is appealing and popular to the viewers. Her typography can be seen through the interactive of her illustration that flows with her design. For example, the image of “O” have mini circles and swirls to mimic the letter O’s curves. Yulia Brodskaya Design’s presents her style that uses papers to create her own type/ font without any technology.

Tim Fishlock: Origami Alphabet Relief:
Tim Fishlock is a designer who was creates a three-dimensional alphabet with the Japanese origami style. Each letter is very simplified but can still be readable. The alphabet is a litho printed on premium paper, hand embossed, numbered and sign. Tim Fishlock creates his own three-dimensional craft without cutting paper, rather folding them to create their own shape.

Jared Andrew Schorr: Illustrated Paper Spacephabet

Jared Andrew Schorr is an illustrator who is specialized in creating detailed work entirely from cut paper. Each of his paper cut illustration has a retro appeal that gives each of his artworks a certain personality. Using different color papers, he created different imagery of the letter that relates to his space theme. His alphabets interact with his paper illustrations that is very playful and is handle in a creative matter. His artworks shows that paper and type can be combine without any three dimenional effect. 

László Sándor: Typo Paper Lamp Project

László Sándor is a Hungarian graphic designer who known for his clean and simple design, resulting to geometric forms in both his design and type. It’s a handmade paper cut using an exacto blade to carefully cut certain spaces of the letter. In addition, his whole text is based on the history of incandescent lamps. His design does not only display his skills in cutting, but the way he formed a lamp with his type layout is a amazing. The use of lights within the text lantern creates a shadow of his letter. This shows a new way to manipulate type with using both two and three dimensional form.


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