Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anamorphic Art - Type

Anamorphic art has always been a form of design that has fascinated me. One of my teachers introduced the 3D pavement street art to me freshman year, and ever since then it has blown my mind. I have used the concept of anamorphic art, which is a type of optical illusion that only works at certain angles or perspectives, a few times for projects but it has never been as successful as the following works.

Felice Varini was one of the originators of this form of architectural installations, but his work is more focused around abstract shapes that take up an entire room, or even an entire location. His work has influenced many along the way that have taken this idea of anamorphic art and now portray it in a typographical solution.

Joseph Egen, along with Hunter Thomson, recent graduates of Chelsea College of Art and Design in Britain used the above and following images for their senior project which really grab my attention. It is not your typical type set on a page. It pulls it off a 2D piece of paper and bring type to life in a fun way.

There are many examples of anamorphic art including the above image by Stephen Doyle for a New York Times article where he uses tape to portray the type imagery. This way of showing type will always capture my attention and it's a nice way to see type in an enlarged scale where you normally wouldn't expect type to be. Only from the correct viewpoint will one see the desired solution.

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