Friday, February 10, 2012

A Plea on Plates

So, I'm going to start off by saying this: If you guys aren't on twitter, get one! (I mean, if you're into that sort of thing)

I signed up for one a few years ago, didn't actually start using it until this past semester. I started following a lot of designers and typographers and random design bloggers - it keeps you up to speed about what is going on the world (design or otherwise), what they're currently talking about (either trashing or praising), and what inspires them. I find a lot of accidental inspiration on twitter when I'm sort of sick of searching around the internet.

Recently, former Tyler student, Jess Hische, posted this and which peaked my curiosity:

So naturally, in a non-creepy way, I watched for a second post.

I clicked on the link to see what all this crying nonsense was all about.

I found this awesomeness:

The Society of Design in Pennsylvania is formerly inviting (and begging really really nicely) Jessica Hische to come "home to PA" to speak to a crowd of her biggest fans via LICENSE PLATE. These people literally changed their Pennsylvania Department of Transportation vehicle registrations for this invitation. I'm pretty sure an invitation to me on license plates and a website dedicated to it would grab my attention too, just saying. Photos on the website show a little bit of the photography process and them switching out their old license plate for their new one.

I think this whole deal is very inspiring and Jess must be insanely flattered.

Well. Actually, she is, and she accepted whole-heartedly.

You can view her blog posting about it here and Society of Design's site here :)

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