Thursday, February 9, 2012

Andreas Scheiger

Andreas Scheiger is a designer based out of Vienna, Austria who's work focuses experimental typography, letter sculpturing, and vintage information rendering. He explores the craft of etching, engraving, and letter design through science and graphic design of the Victorian Era. His book, Evolution of Type, is an ongoing sculptural letter series side project, in which he explores letter communication by arranging basic elements. He is inspired by Frederic W Goudy one of the most famous type designers who wrote The Alphabet & Elements of Lettering in 1918. (Designed Goudy Old Style serif typeface.) From studying excerpts from Goudy and researching in his own work, Schieger believes letters are full of life and organisms and typefaces are species who share evolutionary characteristics and anatomical features with living objects. 

Scheiger depicts the immortal nature of the written word in his Exhibit 16/1-9 (which is part of his Evolution of Type) by turning typography into a metaphor for evolution. Just how fossilized specimens are covered in amber, Scheiger takes his own anthropological look by casting balsa wood letters he creates into polyester glass resin. Scheiger states, with digital print processing, letterpress letters indeed become something like ancient species.

In his created alphabet, he sculpts letters realistically to look as though they are made out of muscles and marrow. He sculpts using polymer clay, wood, and carved chicken bones.

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