Saturday, February 11, 2012

Walls that Talk

I was browsing pinterest the other day searching for design inspiration and came across this photo. Text on a bedroom ceiling!? WOW. So, I did some further investigation. This pinterest post was linked to an article on remodelista, a fantastic sourcebook for all things home, design, architecture, and travel. This bedroom is actually part of a unique hotel suite in Porto,Portugal. Casa do Conto, or the "House of Tales" is located in Portugal's second largest city and was ready to open their doors three years ago after a complete redesign of its original 19th-century condition. However, just three days before the re-opening was scheduled, a devastating fire destroyed much of the hotel.

The architect group in charge of the project Pedra Liquida was ready to reinvent Casa do Conto once again and decided to transform the building into a place where "every turn is a juxtaposition of yesterday and today...cementing its role as a place where art and stories are born and told." Pedra Liquida commissioned six writers and Graphic Design firm R2 to narrate the story of the hotel quite literally as the words are graved in low relief, covering the ceilings of six different rooms.

R2 used Styrofoam letters to set the tales into concrete ceilings. The graphic designers of R2 let the story dictate the choice of font - an approach which we can all learn from. Sometimes, the context of our work will guide our choice of type treatment.

This is a beautiful and innovative integration of architecture and typography. It was truly a collaborative effort, bringing together the talents and creativity of writers, architects, and graphic designers. Through the use of typography the story of Casa do Conto and the city of Porto comes alive and weaves its history from room to room for visitors to experience during their stay.

If I ever wind up in Portugal, I know where I'll be staying...

You can check out Casa do Conto's website here for more information and BEAUTIFUL photographs!

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