Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beautiful Type

Many typographers and graphic designers find different ways to play with typography interesting and unique. Most people are familiar with the typeface Helvetica, because we can see it everywhere. 
Although there are no doubt that Helvetica is the one of the most successful fonts appear in our life. However, there are many beautiful fonts should be found and be remembered by people. So I try find them out, I typed "Beautiful Typography" on Google search, there is a website which is called

Philosophy, Art & Science ambigram by John Langdon.
Ambigrams are words that can be read equally well from more than one point of view. Most of John Langdon’s ambigrams read the same when turned upside down, or rotated 180 degrees.
Atypical: Series of posters by Pawel Nolbert, exploring form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures.The artworks were built from an elaborate artistic painterly gestures into expressive arrangements – extending the aesthetic characteristic of typography.
View more on Hello Color, the website of this amazing artist.
Fight against the ugliness, a chalk piece from Aurelie Maron

SeƱor Arche, nice lettering work from Javi Bueno. 


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