Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tactile Typography

While I was looking for some interesting typographic illustrations, I stumbled across this:
Basically this artist used string to create words. I've seen it but I never actually looked into it, and had no idea that quite a few people have done this.

As I further looked into this kind of art (tactile typography is using craft objects) I found an artist named Dominique Falla. She is an Australian designer/ artist who makes a variety of typographic pieces using just everyday craft objects. She has many pieces that are made from yarn or string and they are just beautiful. The pieces are so intricate and the process by which she executes her work is just really inspiring.

The "Loom" is a piece she created for an apartment complex. The actual piece took her about 22 hours to complete.
The Loom Apartments

The process : For her pieces with string she usually types the letters OR hand draws the letters and scans them into the computer. From there she will create a vector of her letters and print them out at a large scale. She would then lay out her print and hammer the nails down all around her letters. Then using string she weaves each string around the nails.

The Loom Apartments

The Loom Apartments

The Loom Apartments

The Loom Apartments

The Loom Apartments

Other works with string:

Meet me in the Sunshine

The Color Master
Color Master

Destiny Protect me from the World

tactile typography

Google Zietgiest 2013
Here Falla created a large instillation piece for I believe some google event.  She says "It took just under 7000 nails and 67 balls of string to complete. After the conference was over, the piece was disassembled and the resort corridor returned to normal."

Google Zeitgeist ’13


Google Zeitgeist video

Falla has created some other work as well, all the type is really beautiful and inventive.
Design Montage Poster

(this version she made out of cardboard)

This is a "steam punk" inspired skateboard deck she created. She etched the letters into bamboo and then finished it with metal wax.


Her work is really worth checking out, its so inventive, intricate and detailed and inspiring.

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