Thursday, September 11, 2014

Craig Ward

Craig Ward is a British typographer, who works well with type in unusual ways. He uses a wide range of media and equipment to make amazing typographic effects. 

One of his most famous pieces is titled "You Blow Me Away", in which he collaborated with still-life photographer, Jason Tozer. To create the artwork, they screen printed type onto sheets of glass, and then fired different objects through it. They photographed it at different stages and eventually came up with this result:

He is also well known for "Bad Typography is Everywhere" which pokes fun at the fact that the world is so full of bad typography that people usually don't notice the good. 

It reads: "Good typography is invisible" and "Bad typography is everywhere".

This typography shows the importance of the fact, that good type isn't always the fonts we see on the computer, and sometimes the effect you are going for can't always be done on paper or screen. Sometimes it's good to think outside of the box, and make type out of actual existing things and manipulate them by hand, rather then photoshopping things together. 

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