Thursday, September 18, 2014

Furniture Typography

There is something inherently cool about typography inspired furniture, maybe because it has a greater visual impact when compared to other furniture pieces. Hip and trendy,  typography furniture and furnishings is becoming quite popular in the design realm.

Wouldn't you love to sit on comfortable furniture that tells you how you feel? Typography is used everywhere and what makes it cool is to actually recognize a typeface that triggers a want or need. A typeface that captures an audience because of the certain type family that was chosen at the time of creation. This is what makes it cool for me as a designer. The visual impact that typography furniture gives to me because of the 3D quality it has brings type in a new form and in a hip trendy way to release  a new passion for all designers to have in their home and make it really their own with a twist! Please sit in my chair that is shaped like a Y!

The YES Lounger by Tabisso

Modular Typographical Bookcase

AAKKOSET Bookshelf by Kayiwa

M Shaped Storage Shelf by Set 26

Typography Lounge Chair by LifeSpaceJourney

Typography Table by Marc Lauckhardt Alphabetizes 

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