Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Let's take a look at braille!

Here's a question to ponder about: Can braille have improper kerning?

Well, no. Since braille characters are structured on a fixed 6-dot grid system, the spacing between the characters are consistent so it is hardly possible to overlap characters, but it can still be differentiated regardless of its spacing.


Well, here's the story behind the creation of braille.

Louis Braille, the creator, wasn’t born blind, however he became blind when he accidentally stabbed himself in the eye with his father’s awl. Ouch.

He struggled in school despite getting a scholarship into the Royal Institute for blind youths in Paris at a young age. The books that had raised letters took too long to feel and recognize, therefore it was inefficient and impractical. Louis was inspired by Charles Barbier’s unique system of “night writing” which was implemented by the French soldiers, in the 1800’s, to communicate safely during the night. 

The night writing system was based on a raised 12-dot cell system. Two dots wide and six dots tall. The individual dots or combination of dots depicted a letter or phonetic sound, however the cell size was deemed too large to feel with one touch.

Louis took the initiative to reinvent the old system into a new system where the raised dots were smaller and easier to detect in one touch, simply by grazing your fingers across the page. He had reduced the night writing system in half, so now it was a 6-dot cell system with two dots wide and three dots tall. Each cell can now be read without moving your fingertips. His system wasn’t recognized at his school, but it gained popularity all over France, and in 1854 the braille system was accepted by the French government and gradually everyone else.

Can visually impaired people read computer screens and other electronic supports?

Yes, there is a device that can help with that, and it is called braille displays.

Refreshable braille display is used to navigate through screen and applications on devices rather than using the voice over or other speech synthesizers. 


Curious as to how it works?

How braille typewriter are made.

Learn how to type!

How a blind people write braille.

Are there any braille fonts?

Deon Staffelbach has designed a variation of braille by experimenting with the beveled dots, thus adding personality and surprise to add a more delightful reading experience in the same way we use different fonts and typography.

Who said braille is only for the blind?

Roy nachum has combined beautiful poetry in braille with paintings, and encourage people to touch his art.

Watching this has made me want to go experience his exhibit for myself.

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