Friday, November 2, 2012

Advice From Paula: Great Design is Serious

I decided to take this post as an opportunity to share a video that has inspired me since I saw it. Being a fan of the "TED Talks" videos, I tend to watch a lot of them. They are lectures from accomplished people from all areas of study, this one from the one and only Paula Scher. In this video she shares her experience in design. "Great design is serious, not solemn" is the theme of this lecture. She shares that she plays when she designs, thus, being "serious."  Being "solemn" would be the opposite, and thus creating works that are not produced from such a fun and inspiring mindset as that of "serious" work. For more of an explanation, take 20 minutes out of your day and watch this. 

My goal in sharing this video was to inspire us designers. I think this is a hard part in the year when we tend to lose our momentum. Hopefully this inspires some of you to have fun with design and design "serious." Look how far Paula Scher has come from her days as a student at Tyler. This is just the beginning of our journey as designers. In the humorous words of Paula: "let yourself grow and play, and really be a brat, and then accomplish things." We have this time not as students to play and experiment why while we can. Lets take advantage of it. 

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