Friday, November 16, 2012

August Express!

August Express

I found this blog called August Express that has great patterns, textures, and ideas about type! Jo Klima,  a graphic design started this blog as a way for designers to get inspiration. She is a freelance graphic and web designer at "The Darling Tree" which was established in 2008. August Express was a dream of hers to create since she began freelancing in 2004. Much of her design work fuses patterns and textures. This blog is a way for her to bring those things to her readers, to inspire them, motivate them, and also provide resources to help their creative endevours.

You will find things you can download, helpful resources and design inspiration. A lot of the work is hand done and very inventive. For example, this piece below creates letters out of food.  I found it really interesting to create type this way. Garret Steider created a whole alphabet with pieces of food and carving letters into food. Check out more of Garrets work on Flickr!

There is also something quite nice about the way the designers apply a hand done feeling to packaging!

designed by Ali LaBell for LaBelle Famille
designed by Hardhat Design for Coffee Supreme
designed by Jillian Barthold for Chile Beach Jams

designed by Brandever and Dana Tanamachi for Nagging Doubt

Check it out! August Express

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