Thursday, November 8, 2012


 When looking for a designer to write about, I came across a group of artists who had a show up in Australia. This designer, Luke Lucas, is actually from Melbourne and had some type pieces up that show that stood out. Although he has a lot of 2D work, Luke's other pieces move into the 3D realm and experiment with various textures and effects. His type is often very fluid and colorful, which I think is a good contrast to a lot of the modern typography that is seen in posters and other logo types of projects. 

I think his work is pretty relevant because he is often hired to design a type for a magazine spread that combines his illustrative style and the message he is trying to portray. When he isn't using bright colors and flowing type, he is designing specific typefaces that are initially created in plain black and white. His style is very apparent, yet fits to each project he is hired for. International design is always a good change from what we are faced with everyday, and the show he was in displays other amazing Australian designers who have a different outlook on what design can actually be.

Luke Lucas:

Gemma O' Brien

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