Monday, November 19, 2012

Wolfgang Weingart

Looking at various different typographic artists, I noticed Wolfgang Weingart’s work which I really liked. He is known to be the father of Swiss Punk typography. He was an educator that spread the typography style of the Swiss and he received awards for his work in typography. He was awarded by Swiss Federal Minister Mark of Excellence and a Doctor of Fine Arts honorary title.
Swiss punk typography
His work shows his mastery typographic rules and the sense attained in breaking them. He does his works mainly out of curiosity and experience rather than learning and he loves to experiment and the visual enjoyment of it.

In his early work, Weingart created abstract patterns along with type and soon went further to become more unconventional. His ideas and explorations became a type of style which later became more apparent in his work.

He experimented with the type by legibility, repetition, masking, overlaying films, enlarging, blurring, distorting and much more.

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