Friday, October 17, 2014

3D typography

Three dementional type is really cool and really interesting to me as a designer. I enjoy the tactile quality of the form because it also has a function. The textures of the objects used to create the type is inspired by the topic. For example, using toast to say toasted. The bread had been toasted and to create the scene the photographer also put jam or jelly in the composition. Or baked cookies made with dough and baked.

3D-Printed Type Sculptures by Ben Johnston & Mark Simmons

Toronto-based creative duo Ben Johnston & Mark Simmons used their complementary skills to create these amazing 3D-printed typographic sculptures.
The beautiful pieces were created to explore the transition between 2D and 3D space through combining two design disciplines – graphic design and product design.
The quality of these are great. They are done so well with the design formed in a lock up. And can be held which interacts with the viewer instead on a 2-d surface.

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