Thursday, October 23, 2014

Petra Blahova

Floral Typographic Ice Cubes by Petra Blahov

UK-based artist Petra Blahova (from Czech Republic), created this stunning typeface, entitled “My Garden”, by freezing colorful flowers and fruits in alphabetical ice cubes. The whole project is inspired by the flowers all around when the artist walked home from work one day. Using everything from greens and ferns to flower petals and berries, she meticulously arranged them to fit the contours of each letter and create the tactile project. 

‘I like working in graphic design, illustration and typography. I particularly enjoy experimenting with different media in typography. I work as a graphic designer in Lake District but in my spare time I like to work on my own design which includes Children’s books, lino-cut print, screen-print and embroidery.
My inspiration and ideas come from everywhere – a conversation with friend, nature, architecture as well as other graphic & illustrative artworks. Although most of my work looks very digital, I always create everything on paper first. I can’t just go on the computer straight away. Doodling is the main process of my work.’

"One morning I walked from work and I was inspired by the flowers everywhere so I decided to create a typeface out off them. You can create typography from anything. "

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