Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mobile Typography Apps

Current technology has opened up a new world of possibilities for designers in the last few decades. Now, there are apps that can assist with the design process from a mobile device.
Many of these design and typography apps are useful for designers, but many are also usable by people who are not. Some of these apps allow introduce people to type and allow them to experiment with it.
These are some of the best typography apps; they range from ones that designers can use, to ones for people learning about typography, to ones that anyone can use for fun.

1. AnyFont

lets you install any TrueTypeFont, TrueTypeCollection, or OpenTypeFont for use on your iPhone or iPad and can be used by any app that uses the iOS Font Book (Keynote, Pages, Office Suite Pro, and others)

2. Font Candy

mask photos with words and symbols; has a number of fonts to use. also allows users to add shapes and gradients, as well as layer images and utilize blending modes.

3. PicLab

another app that lets users add typography to their photos. offers many fonts as well as full control over size, positioning, opacity, rotation, and color. users can also add other design elements such as textures and illustrations.

4. iFontMaker

this iPad app provides a relatively easy to use interface for creating hand drawn fonts that can be converted into a .ttf file.

5. Path On

allows users to add text to photos along a path: just draw the path where you want the text to go, then type your message. this app also allows you to adjust the font, letter spacing, and alignment.

6. Fontroid

this Android app allows people to create and share their own hand-written fonts all over the world.

7. WhatTheFont

we've all seen a font we like and wondered what it was - with this app users take a photo of the word and it will identify the font being used, or give a close approximation.

8. Typography Insight

a very helpful app for anyone learning about type, Typography Insight utilizes the iPad to teach different aspects of typography and differentiate between fonts as well see the details in different fonts.

9. Fontli

Fontli is sort of a social media for type-lovers - users collect and share images of typography found in everyday life, and can even tag them.

10. The Font Game

this is a game for type enthusiasts, and is also good for anyone learning about typography. The game includes naming different fonts in a limited amount of time and recognizing terminology and different parts of a letter.

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