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Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting purporting to be able to identify the writer, indicating psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluating personality characteristics. Its a pseudoscience, or a process falsely represented as scientific. Many people assume that graphology must be legitimate because it has occasionally been accepted in court. Graphologists believe such details can reveal as much about a person as astrology, palm readingor the Meyers-Briggs personality type indicator. However, there is no evidence that the unconscious mind is a reservoir of truth about a person, much less that graphology provides a gateway to that reservoir.
Real handwriting experts are known as forensic document examiners, not as graphologists. They detect authenticity and forgery.

Graphology uses at least 300 different handwriting features in its investigative approach.

(left slant indicates emotion and reserve, right slant indicates a response to communication, no slant indicates independence)

(Large writing indicates an outgoing nature, small writing indicates the opposite)

(Heavy pressure indicates commitment, light pressure indicates sensitivity to environment and empathy, uneven pressure indicates a lack of vitality)

-Word Spacing
(Narrow spaces between words indicate a wish to be with others, but such writers may also crowd people and be intrusive)

-Line Spacing
(Wide-spaced lines of handwriting show a wish to stand back and take a long view.Closely spaced lines indicates that that the writer operates close to the action. For writers who do this and who have writing that is rather loose in structure, the discipline of having to keep cool under pressure brings out the best in them.)

(If the writer has a wide left margin, the interest is in moving on. If it is narrow, caution and wanting to avoid being pushed before they are ready is indicated. Narrow right margin shows impatience and eagerness to get out there and on with things.Wide right margin shows that there may be some fear of the unknown.)

-Other areas of analyzation include the shape of round and sharp letters, the tendencies of dotting i's and crossing t's, Capitals vs Lowercase, the angle of curves, etc.

Serial Killer's Handwriting Analysis
characteristics of serial killers handwriting:
  • vigilant and tense handwriting
  • extremely strong pressure
  • angles
  • arcades
  • separation
  • narrowness
  • extremely wide spaces between words or identical to the spaces between letters
  • covering strokes
  • emphasized upper zone
  • left of upright slant
  • frozen
  • tense strokes
  • high upper zone
  • large or extreme height differentials
  • at times - a weak stroke
  • secondary narrowness
  • angular connections
  • similar to the "autistic type" by odem
  • rhythmic writing
  • covering the whole page
  • strange ending of letters
  • "invented" letters
  • twisted letters
  • broken letters
  • corrections, especially "artistic corrections"
  • abundance of punctuation marks or lack of them
  • slow writing
  • peculiarities and exaggeration
  • printed letters

William Heirens
murdered 3 women, one 6 years old

Ted Bundy
raped and murdered over 30 women

Jeffery Dahmer
murdered 17 people

Zodiac Killer
Murdered 5 people

Roy Norris
raped and murdered 6 young girls

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